With a new and dynamic AusCham website comes an opportunity to promote your business or get your announcements out to your target audience.

Full details of 2019/20 advertising packages including prices for Members and Non Members

Advertisements are placed in a general pool and randomly, but equally, selected and displayed. Each time a visitor to the AusCham website views a page a different announcement, logo or advertisement will be selected and displayed. Refreshing the page will also load a different announcement, logo or advertisement

Interaction: your advertisement is linked to your website or your preferred homepage just in a click!

365体育投注APPHighly qualified approach: Your brand is reaching to the highly qualified audience including entrepreneurs, international corporate companies, professionals, thoughtful leaders and as well as the postgraduate young starters.

Interested? Please complete () or contact office@mydrinklabel.com365体育投注APP or (+84 28) 3832 9912 – Ext 0 for more information.